T-Dimensional Beauty Accelerator by Taiwan Kiss Me Group is the only beauty accelerator in the Asian region focused on nurturing and promoting innovation and development in the beauty industry. The accelerator is committed to helping startups and emerging brands in the beauty sector achieve growth by providing resources, expertise, and industry networks to support their success.

With a focus on humid and hot climates, T-Dimensional Beauty aims to strategically position itself with differentiation in the international beauty industry. It carries a distinctive image of Taiwan’s high technology. In the future, the goal is not only to promote products to the South China, East China, Southwest China regions and Southeast Asian markets but also to establish Taiwan as the first research base for the humid and hot climate beauty industry.


Jubilee International Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Jubilee introduces happiness to people through its exclusive eSIP™ technology. Overcoming the challenge of miniaturizing eSIP™ technology for handheld devices, Jubilee has launched the “JUBI Radiance Rejuvenation Device.” This device requires no cumbersome consumables and provides gentle and painless skincare. It opens the skin barrier, promotes collagen production, and maintains the skin’s slightly acidic nature. Additionally, it offers a gentle exfoliation, has antibacterial and anti-acne properties, addressing skin concerns in humid and hot climates such as dullness, sensitivity, and acne-prone skin. This allows skincare products to penetrate deep into the skin for more effective care, bringing a revolutionary experience to personal skincare.

Archshiny Biotechnology Company Limited

Archshiny has been researching and developing ancient probiotic technology for over 30 years, making it the only biotech company globally capable of commercially producing large quantities of ancient probiotic extract – astaxanthin. Astaxanthin can reduce skin cell damage from UV rays by 72%, enhance skin cell self-repair by 15 times, and provide antioxidant capabilities 1.5 times higher than astaxanthin. It is highly suitable for formulating sunscreen skincare products in humid and hot climates. In light of this, Archshiny will continue to develop a series of skincare products tailored for humid and hot climates.

PuraVida Cosmetics Co., Ltd

PuraVida, a brand under Taiwan Kiss Me Group in Taiwan, draws on decades of skin research, combining the latest Japanese technology and highly effective formulations. It has launched a skincare brand specifically designed for consumers in humid and hot climates, focusing on penetration. PuraVida recognizes that humid and hot climates can cause the skin’s stratum corneum to become excessively soft, with increased sebum secretion due to rising external temperatures. In regions with intense sunlight radiation, skin instability can lead to sensitivity. Emphasizing only on locking in moisture may burden the skin. PuraVida introduces a revolutionary skincare philosophy, using precise and effective high-penetration technology to provide the skin with the necessary nutrients. Only by penetrating deep can nourishing ingredients repair every inch of the skin.

LONG YI Bio-Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

LONG YI has overcome the issues of the tingling sensation and high temperatures associated with the earendil plasma, applying it successfully in the fields of biomedicine and aesthetics with remarkable results. In the realm of beauty and skincare, the earendil plasma can effectively remove acne scars for oily skin, nourish the skin, and enhance the absorption of skincare products. This introduces a breakthrough skincare approach for consumers in humid and hot climates. LONG YI also focuses on medical applications, particularly in wound treatment for conditions such as chronic wounds and diabetic foot, bringing innovation to the healthcare market.

Yanfa Biotech CO., LTD.

Yanfa, with 20 years of experience in supplying salon hair products, provides cosmetics businesses with more precise and streamlined solutions in terms of regulations and distribution rules. In response to the challenges posed by humid and hot climates to the skin, Yanfa collaborates with the supply chain to develop innovative dry sheet masks.
Utilizing a printed, skin-friendly hydrogel, this technology allows for better penetration of active ingredients. Moreover, this technique can be seamlessly integrated into the sales of existing brand products, including cooling, soothing, and calming cosmetic waters. Yanfa is committed to sustainability and innovation, using biodegradable and recyclable materials for both the film and packaging. The company consistently strives to offer green solutions for the cosmetics industry.

DFON Biomedical Technology Inc

DFON delves deep into the patented MMpH+ technology, originally developed for the encapsulation of cancer drugs, and expands its application to the field of skincare. Leveraging its properties that slow down collagen loss, provide anti-acne effects, penetrate and nourish the skin, and reduce heat sensitivity, DFON has developed anti-aging skincare products. The latest experimental results confirm that MMpH+ technology can enhance skin collagen strength by up to 30% in 28 days, establishing DFON as a leading company in scientific research on slowing collagen loss and anti-aging.

CATISS International CO., LTD.

CATISS was founded by cat enthusiasts, specifically designed for young women who aspire to balance both inner and outer beauty. The brand aims to fulfill social responsibility through beauty and skincare products, encouraging the adoption of cats and contributing to a more positive society. CATISS is dedicated to developing products with high-quality ingredients and textures, using environmentally and animal-friendly materials that provide hydration without greasiness. These products are particularly suitable for consumers in humid and hot regions. The brand also offers a full-service experience, ensuring that people can enjoy a healing experience that goes deep into the soul.


KOZY Salon is committed to providing effective beauty services and creating a refined salon atmosphere that engages all five senses. Through professional and innovative training, the salon brand has experienced rapid growth in the beauty industry. In 2020, KOZY Salon established its proprietary skincare brand, KOOII, specifically developed for humid and hot climates. In 2023, the salon also became the authorized distributor for the premium beauty devices from the United States, NION, specializing in on-the-go salons tailored for humid and hot climates. The brand places a strong emphasis on the relationship between texture and skin, with a careful balance of oils. KOZY Salon will continue to promote a skincare philosophy tailored to humid and hot climates and aims to expand its Taiwanese beauty salon brand to international markets.