“Climate has a huge impact on people’s lives! We need to adjust our daily food, clothing, housing and transportation in response to climate change, but why not about our skin care products?! “

Today, major skin care brands in the world are located in temperate countries with dry and cold climates. There is little research about the correlation between skin condition and climate…

As global warming shifts hot and humid climate regions northward and expands, extreme weather continues to appear in all corners of the world, making skin conditions more and more difficult to control, and become sensitive easily.

With nearly 60 years dedicated in beauty industry, Taiwan Kiss Me Group took the lead in conducting research studies on skin care philosophy specifically for tropical climates, integrating raw materials and technologies in Taiwan, and hoping to develop a beauty ecosystem based on hot and humid weather, thus T-Dimensional Beauty was born.

Our Vision

Nourishing beauty with self-confidence

Our Mission

Become the leader for tropical climate beauty industry globally

Startups Accelerator Program

Under the guidance of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, T-Dimensional Beauty Accelerator has been established to develop beauty products and services suitable for hot and humid weather by combining academic research and innovative R&D technologies.

We believe the future of beauty laid with innovative technology and collaborative partners. The program is developed in Taiwan, expanded to Southeast Asia, and throughout the world. We want to become the international representative for tropical climate beauty industry globally.



Lillian Lee

T-Dimensional Beauty Main Sponsor

Led the successful transformation and growth of Taiwan Kiss Me Group.
Specializing in brand building and beauty products, she has been an important driving force for the development of Taiwan’s beauty industry.