Focused on transforming Taiwan’s beauty industry raw material suppliers, formula consulting companies, and OEM/ODM with strong technology and technological transition into products. By combining consumer research, the emphasis is on fundamental brand marketing, and close collaboration with all channels, both online and offline, to create a robust channel management capability.

Utilizing a Taiwanese team and Japanese technology, with Taiwan as the base, the goal is to establish a matchmaking platform for the humid and hot climate skincare industry globally. This platform integrates resources from the raw material, research and development, production, and brand aspects, while assisting startup companies in identifying market opportunities.


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Startups and Corporate Partners

We are inviting partners who specialize in fundamental research, cutting-edge technologies, AI skin detection, product development, branding, digital communication, and experiential marketing within the beauty industry. Through our accelerator program, we aim to systematically mentor startup companies, connecting them with enterprises that boast extensive experience in the industry. Our goal is to foster the development of an ecosystem specifically tailored for the humid and hot climate beauty industry.

2024 plan is coming soon. Stay tuned!