“Global Beauty Ecology Dominated by Temperate Regions”

At present, the global top 10 beauty brands are all from developed countries in temperate dry and cold zones, and R&D center is also controlled by the four mature markets of the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

The beauty industry is highly dominated by brands in temperate weather countries, even the basic research, with 99.97% of the 10,000 papers related to skin care being based on low temperature and low humidity. In response to the lack of moisture in dry and cold areas, major formulas and brands have paid special attention to locking in moisture and developed various mechanisms to maintain the sebum membrane.

“Extreme Hot and Humid Climate Causes New Skin Care Issues”

Taiwan is located in the subtropical climate zone, with high temperatures, humidity, and long day light being the greatest characteristics! Taiwan is well known to have a hot and humid climate, but how humid is it? How hot is it? According to climatic data, Taiwan’s average temperature and humidity are at least twice as high as those in the dry and cold regions, and our winters are equivalent to summers in other countries.

Compared with traditional skin care philosophy, people are worried about dry skin and wrinkles. Taiwan’s atmosphere is like a large water reservoir, and even if moisture is lost, it can be replenished at any time. If you stick to lock in moisture, your skin will be burdened by hot and humid climates, not only will it feel sticky and heavy, but easily become sensitive, dull skin and acne will follow, and your skin will not look shine anymore.

“A New Philosophy of Nourishing and Moisturization Should Be Treated Separately”

In the climate of high temperature and high humidity, nourishing and moisturization should be treated separately in separate layers, mainly to nourish the stratum corneum, supplemented by the sebum to lock in water. Focusing on penetrating the active ingredients into the bottom layer of the skin, the nourishing ingredients needed by the stratum corneum are absorbed through the skin in an appropriate way, leaving the skin feeling comfortable and non-greasy, while reducing the risk of acnes or inflammation. Apply moisturization according to your needs, such as dry or aging skin, or when the temperature is below 20 °C.