“Nourishing Beauty with Self-Confidence“

T-Dimensional Beauty Team

Lillian Lee

T-Dimensional Beauty Main Sponsor

Led the successful transformation and growth of Taiwan Kissme Group.
Specializing in brand building and beauty products, she has been an important driving force for the development of Taiwan’s beauty industry.

Andrew Chen

General Manager, iCharmi International CO., LTD.

Lecturer at Hungkuang University of Science and Technology, Moderator of ICharmi Fan Club, Master’s degree in Cosmetics from Hungkuang University.
Specializes in formula research and development, product development, aromatherapy with essential oils, and factory management.

John Chao

Cross-disciplinary Integration and Strategic Development Consultant

Formerly served as the Technical Chief Assistant in the Research and Development Center at Foxconn Technology Group, Manager of the Yonglin Yonglin Biotech Startup Division, evaluator for medical and health devices on the Taofuchengzhen Maker Platform, and executive office staff for five years. Also served as a director for two terms at the YongLin Education Foundation. Later, worked as the Chief Technology Officer at Glory Age, focusing on cross-disciplinary integration and development. Work experience includes research and development of basic materials, manufacturing production, market assessment, and the development of startup companies, as well as industry strategy planning.

Johnny Chen

Deputy General Manager of Business Operations, TAIWAN KISS ME COSMETICS CO., LTD.

With over 27 years of experience in the department store retail industry, this individual has expertise in various areas, including brand management, distribution, and wholesale channel operations. They actively participate in brand operations, expand markets both domestically and internationally, and are committed to integrating and developing online and offline channels. They also have extensive experience in e-commerce, social platforms, and community operations. Their responsibilities include integrating startup companies to enhance their market exposure and promoting the overall healthy development of the beauty industry chain.

Steven Chen


Expertise in Strategic Planning, E-commerce, Digital Transformation, Risk Assessment, and Project Management.

Melissa Huang

Special Assistant to the General Manager, TAIWAN KISS ME COSMETICS CO., LTD.

Service areas include information technology and consumer industries, specializing in market promotion, brand management, marketing and public relations, e-commerce, digital marketing, and resource integration.

Pancy Hsu

Color Cosmetics Department Manager, TAIWAN KISS ME COSMETICS CO., LTD.

Specializes in beauty market trend analysis and monitoring, brand positioning, and developing marketing and brand strategies. Possesses expertise in understanding customer insights to identify opportunities for brand communication. Establishes brand value to enhance brand influence.


“Beauty Blossom Fully, Make the World Vibrant”

The group was founded in Taiwan by Taiwan Kiss Me in 1966. It is a joint venture between TAIWAN KISS ME COSMETICS CO., LTD. and Japan’s Isehan Group. Leveraging the strong asset of Japan’s Isehan Group in the beauty industry in its early years, it has created a strong presence in Taiwan for over 50 years.​

Throughout the group’s history, we have consistently adhered to the principles of providing products with exceptional ingredients, excellent quality, and aesthetic appeal. The company has infused the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship into the development of our beauty and skincare products, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality for women’s skin.

In addition to the original “KISSME” brand, the company also owns other makeup brands, including the full eye makeup brand “Heroine Make,” the adult-oriented full-color makeup brand “FERME,” and the base makeup expert brand “kiss.” All of these brands have received positive reviews and recommendations from numerous consumers, with “Heroine Make” becoming a leading brand in the eye makeup market.

In 2018, the dedicated skincare brand for Asian women, ‘PuraVida,’ was launched, featuring sales counters and professional beauticians across Taiwan. By providing professional services to meet the beauty needs of women, the company plans to expand into the Southeast Asian market in the future, contributing to the creation of contemporary beauty miracles for Asian women.